Sunday, October 31, 2010

Democrats Lose the House… and Perhaps the Senate

Conventional Wisdom has written this headline.

Obama has lost all of his momentum they say. He's in the gutter with us.

Has President Obama executed a flawless first term? No.

Was he handed an impossible situation? Yes.

Obama and Pelosi and Reid stumbled many times over the past couple of years. But given the problems left to them by Bush II (deficit, wars, economic devastation) they've done pretty damned well overall.

Please come out in full force on Tuesday.


And drag your friends, brothers, spouse, housemates, and coworkers with you.

We can do this!!

We must not allow the right wing to take over our country.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Schock takes us for granted

Please watch the debate at WTVP between Congressman Aaron Schock, his Democratic opponent, the wildly capable attorney DK Hirner, and the "watchdog," Green Party Candidate Sheldon Shafer, master of the Lakeview Planetarium and popular physics instructor at Bradley University.

What most strikes me about this race is that Aaron Schock appears to be a shoo in. He has sent no mailers to our home and has racked up no annoying robo calls.

Shock believes so strongly in the polls that he feels he doesn't have to do much work to earn our votes. He believes he is returning to Washington no matter what.

Voters of the "Fighting" Eighteenth District, let's make him think again!!

He voted against health care, against stimulus spending (although he glad handed every ribbon cutting in his district), Wall Street reform, and TARP. He was a just say "no" Republican, defying the President purely for partisan politics. After having done NOTHING, he still feels sure that you will vote with him. He must have pocketed all that Bush and Gingrich campaign cash, because he sure hasn't spent it in the district.

Why vote for Aaron? He has only said "no." He has given no positive steps forward and offers no new ideas. Vote for Hirner or vote for Shafer. Either of these candidates is more knowledgeable and more capable than "Six Pack." And they don't take your vote for granted.