Saturday, March 10, 2007

A visit from Cedar Waxwings

Never in my life have I wanted a tree to be cut down. At my current residence a Golden Rain Tree was planted right near the driveway. In early spring, it drops bushel basketfuls of yellow, sticky berries. These cling to your shoes and the dogs' paws. They end up in the carpet, on the couch, and on the car floorboards. In fall, more bushels of little twigs fall down. If lightening struck this tree, I would be overjoyed. I would plant, in its place, a chinquapin oak.

I awoke the other morning to a choir of squeaky chirps. I looked up and the Golden Rain Tree was filled with 60 or 70 Cedar Waxwings. They love berries, but this is the first year they have visited our tree. They are doing a great job of clearing away the berries. They even swoop down to the drive and suck up berries that have already fallen. Their cousins the cardinals have noticed the acitivity and seem to be trying the berries themselves. Some of the waxwings have moved to the maple tree in the back yard, which is dripping sweet sap. I hope these birds stay until their migratory instincts tell them they have to move on.

I would pay them to come back next year and eat these berries.

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