Monday, June 18, 2007

Bring on the rain

Almost every morning recently as I walk into my office in Swords Hall, I dodge the spray of water from the sprinkler hissing away in front of the building. At home, I can see the outline of old gravel paths, long since covered over and planted in grass. The roots can't grow deep over these artifacts, so a drought such as the one we are now experiencing, reveals the old walkways.

My water bill skyrockets as I turn on my own sprinklers in the evening to preserve the new perennials I have planted in my garden in the front and to encourage the growth of the wildflower seeds I planted out back.

Today it looks like rain. The sky is rumbling and turning grey. A brief storm blew in over the lunch hour, but was gone by the time I had read the paper and eaten my sandwich.

In year's past, heavy rains this time of year have flooded our basement offices in Swords, but I don't think we have to worry about that this year. We had lots of rain in early spring, but recently the precipitation has been sparse. So bring on the rain. Saturate the grass and the trees and the flowers. Bless the green growing world with water.

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