Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Best Day Ever

My nephew woke up early Saturday morning. He wanted to get on the computer, but I suggested that he create some artwork instead.

His attitude did not seem promising.

I was surprised at his creation, which suggested that this was going to be "the best day ever."

Isabel, my husband's step grandma and one of my best friends ever, used to say: "sometimes I wake up and just feel that something wonderful is going to happen. And then it does."

She and Riley must be on the same wavelength. I want to believe that we can channel positive energy and create something wonderful!


lucinda said...

Oh, SpongeBob, you do have some value! Best day ever is a favorite Sponge Bob song!! funny.I love the little song note and I like the blog's new look!

Laura McGowan said...

You Go Sponge B!