Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New dog

Banjo has been a lonely depressed soul since the loss of Carlos and Lucy last year. We had a good spring alone and it was fun to see his personality without the influence of the older dogs, but I knew he needed a friend. I also knew that I couldn't handle a puppy right now as I'm limited to lifting 15 pounds and strenuous activity leaves my neck in extreme pain. We found a great Lab rescue organization down by Springfield called Canine Solutions.

They introduced us to a wonderful 18-month old black Lab named Meisha. She and Banjo hit it off right at first. They haven't been overly affectionate or playful but have gotten along great. Today, day 12, they started playing. They were in the pool and enjoyed racing each other. When I got them out, they ran circles around the yard, Meisha did the play bow, and Banjo jumped on her playfully. So good to see them happy and enjoying each other's company. She is missing her brother, from whom she was recently separated, and Banjo misses his friend Lucy.

Meisha loves our back yard pool. She doesn't bother with steps, but flings herself into the water to capture her coveted ball.

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