Saturday, February 19, 2011

compost heap

When I lived, years ago, in Topeka, KS, we rented a tiny one-bedroom house that had a small yard. I decided to try my hand at gardening. The soil proved rich and fertile and my plants grew easily.

I also started a compost pile that did quite well. It was close enough to the house that I could carry out kitchen scraps, right by the garden so rotted vegetables or debris could be dumped in, and near the hose so I could water it diligently, which, it turns out, is an important key to good composting.

In my current house in Peoria, I set up composting piles a few years back but unfortunately put them way at the back of the lot for aesthetic reasons. I got out of the habit of carrying my garbage back there and watering the piles frequently was out of the question. They sat cold and lifeless.

Today, inspired by the wonderful sunshine and warm, fecund, weather, I moved one of my portable, plastic "Earth Machine" compost containers nearer the house. I put in rotting leaves that I had raked the other day, decaying wood pieces from the firewood pile we recently finished off, and some humus that had fallen out of a rotten tree we cut down last fall. These should all contain vital organisms for creating a thriving compost heap.

I also watered it and will leave off the lid tonight so it can soak in the expected rain.

Tomorrow I'll begin carrying out kitchen scraps.

Feel the heat!

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