Sunday, December 11, 2011


Eating a heart healthy diet means eating a lot of salad.

I mean a lot.

Andy can eat salad by the bowlsful with just balsamic vinegar as dressing.


I, however, keep thinking of ranch dressing, which, if made with the traditional buttermilk, does not fit the heart-healthy diet I am following. Some folks believe you can mix up a ranch dressing from silken tofu and seasonings. Some folks rhapsodize about it.

I do not.

I have found, however, an Alessi balsamic vinegar that has been aged in wood for 10 years. Very good. I sprinkle some Italian dressing seasonings into it and enjoy my greens. I also add black beans or kidney beans and diced tomatoes -- and sometimes guacamole.

Our guru, Dr. Esselstyn, does not condone guacamole or avocados in any form because of their high fat content. But I just think of how nutrient rich they are and how tasty and get by.

Our choice of greens for the salad include: baby spinach, spring greens, chopped romaine, a sprinkling of kale, and some diced green onions. Then we add beans and tomatoes and maybe green or red peppers.

Love me some salad!!

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