Friday, November 18, 2016


Does anyone remember this headline from the Republican primaries?

Donald Trump: 'I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.' He was right. His supporters believe in their anointed billionaire god.

He told us he was going to do all of these things: take away DACA and threaten the lives of many wonderful people, the "dreamers" who are now working hard in college and in jobs. He told us he was going to create a registry for Muslims. He told us that we were going to have "law and order," which is code for I pick the laws that get enforced and I pick the order. 

His picks of Steve Bannon, Gen. Flynn, Sen. Sessions, and Rep. Pompeo, confirm that he plans to do what he has promised. These are all white men whose views on race issues, immigration, and the Muslim religion make them way outside of the American mainstream, even outside of the Republican party, on these issues.

The problem is: he can do any of this and his supporters will still support him. They will cheer him. He just might whip out some heat and shoot someone. He might grab a reporter "by the pussy." Everything else he has done and said has been so ridiculous, and the outrage has not happened. If he now murders or molests someone, will anyone care?

When he has conflicts of interest with his businesses in foreign countries, will anyone care? When he encourages Putin to continue cyber-attacks in our country, will anyone care? When he designates himself the supreme ruler will anyone care?

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