Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bring your dog to work

When we were selling our house two years ago, I brought my chocolate Lab, Lucy, to work with me so realtors could come and go as they pleased without disturbing her naps. I also didn't want to turn off any potential buyers suffering from dog allergies. Each morning I would sneak her in the back door and dash into my office. Sweet Lucy would curl up under my desk and fall asleep until she sensed that a dog lover had entered the office—then she would open her eyes and hope they noticed her.

I found I felt much more relaxed with Lucy stretched out across my feet. She's a warm, earthy smelling dog with soft fur. She sighs in her sleep. She is a comfort to have around and encourages you—by example—to take life easy.

Most people in the basement of Swords Hall never knew she was there—except the dog lovers. They would pop in every once in a while to pet her. The secretary let Lucy curl up underneath her desk when I had to go to a meeting. Many people agreed that we needed a dog in every office. (I'm sure others, however, would disagree—some people are just like that!)

When I have to work late, especially, I would love to have my faithful companion Lucy walking out to my car with me—or joining me on a stroll home in the dark.

Actually I would love to have her here all the time. And for coworkers to be able to bring in their non-aggressive pets. Dogs are good for the soul.

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