Friday, June 23, 2006

Cubicle in a Bucket

Hiring a temporary employee?
Cubicle overtaken by ants?

If you need a temporary cubicle solution, the brilliant minds at inflatedesign have developed what they call OIAB - or Office in a Bucket.

It looks weird at first, but I gave it some thought and realized some advantages: Sound isn't going to carry in or out very well in an office the consistency of marshmallows. You wouldn't have to listen to everyone else's water cooler conversations. Since the cubes are soft, you could squish lots of them together if you have limited floorspace. If you are a bit of a klutz, like me, you wouldn't have to worry about tripping over you chair and slamming into a metal cubicle brace. You'd just bounce back. It looks waterproof, so if you run out of space, you could start lining these puffs up on the parking lot.

Big drawback: no thumbtacks on the walls.

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