Friday, June 02, 2006

Labs Like the New Look

After months of sporadic work, I am finally ready to move my computer out of the living room and into the freshly painted office.

I have never experimented with painting a room in fun colors, so this was new. This room appears to have had some type of damage (fire, water, mold?), because it received a cheap and fast drywall and trim redo at some point. Nothing is square. The last time it was painted, someone carelessly splashed paint all over the oak hardwood floor, which had also been damaged by a leaky radiator.

A set of doors in this room exits to a small covered patio. I would like to get these in operating condition so the Labs and I can take our breaks from work and walk out onto a patio filled with beautiful pots of flowers. (Now it is just dirty with chipping paint, but I can dream!)

After this transformation of my home workspace, I want to spruce up my office . . . er cubicle at work. I was so busy when I moved in that I just tossed things into drawers or in various piles. Maybe this summer I will find time to straighten and find some more artwork for the beige walls. I would also like to buy a potted tree. I'll find room for it . . . do I really need that side chair?

Actually I am much less depressed about my cubicle since my trip last week to City Hall. The people I saw were in cramped spaces with cheap, ugly cubicle partitions. They can hear each other's keystrokes and breaths. My cube is palatial by comparison. I will, however, continue to complain about not having a window. Since darkrooms are disappearing, there is really no reason for anyone to have to work in a windowless space!!


Anonymous said...

I bet the dogs love it! But wait a minute do they really only see black and white!


Laura McGowan said...

Good point—it's more like I like the look of the labs in the new room!