Thursday, August 17, 2006

a few calm moments in a crazy week

I left the Publications Office a little late this evening. I had just finished some large-format layouts that needed to be printed at the local Kinko's/FedEx. My eyes burned with tiredness. I wanted to lie down on a soft bed next to an open window by a tree and sleep. As I was driving down University, I remembered that a guest was stopping by for dinner. My husband had called earlier and said he was going to the store and would cook hamburgers outside and buy some cole slaw. We had some fresh Illinois corn on the cob in the fridge.

The Kinko's is in the same shopping area as a nice Goodwill store. What was I thinking? Instead of rushing like a maniac home to help with dinner I stopped in the Goodwill. I think thrift stores on a quiet day provide a nice oasis of calm. You don't know what you might find so it's not like you actually have to look for anything in particular. Things are inexpensive so you don't feel guilty about indulging in some whimsical item or a blouse that may or may not fit properly. You can browse and chat with other people who also like to linger over dusty, dented treasures.

I made it home just as the burgers were coming off the grill. We had a nice dinner. We chatted and made a pot of coffee. I had been so busy at work this afternoon that I actually skipped my 3:00 coffee break. I went outside and watered some plants that I had put in recently. Streaming water from a hose onto thirsty plants is another way to relax the mind after a stressful day. Sometimes just those small intermissions of pleasure keep you going through a busy week.

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