Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It happens every year. I horribly underestimate the time it takes to proofread the undergraduate catalog. Before sending to the printer, I doublecheck that all the curriculum changes have been accurately reflected in the new catalog. I check and triplecheck that I have correctly made the updates sent to me by all the departments and offices on campus. I doublecheck that I have correctly spelled the names of the new faculty members. I come home blurry eyed, often with one of the binders of information to check under my arm.

Then I remember that I have to create an index before I can send to the printer. And that has to be proofread and the page numbers verified.

And then I remember that I haven't updated the photos.

Is the date correct on the front cover and the spine. (Someone forgot to do that one year and the printer was able to cover it over and stamp the correct date on the spine. I keep that one out as a reminder.)

I think to myself:…"if I had just one more week I could make it perfect this year." But time runs out. The catalog is delivered to campus and my phone rings. "Could you correct for next year the error on page such and such."

"Yes, I can update the web version immediately, and I'll change it in the file for next year."

"Which," I say under my breath as I hang up the phone, " always comes too soon."

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