Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Ain't Maxwell House alright?"

When I was working I was, admittedly, a bit of a coffee snob. Single source beans were my cup of the day. I love coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Costa Rica.

Well, you can put out a bit of cash for such amazing indulgences.

I got to thinking how my mom always survived on Folgers and Maxwell House. Of course Mississippi John Hurt has an inspiring ode to Maxwell House that could convert the worst Starbucks devotee.

The other day I was at Walgreens and Good Lord Almighty they had Maxwell House on a BOGO. Buy one at $4.89 and get one free.

At that price I can't resist. It certainly is "a loving spoonful." One spoonful really does "do me as much good as three or four cups of that other coffee." But I do drink more deeply than a spoonful. Try several deep dark cupfuls. And that feels right.

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Anonymous said...

Maxwell House, Folgers, Chock Full o Nuts, their all alright, sit and drink cup after steamy cup with you any time! Heck, even Beauchamp or whatever the Aldi brand is called works fine for me! I used to be a coffee snob too as you know...and then...something happened...not sure what...