Tuesday, October 20, 2009

one car

To economize, we have only one car to license, insure, and repair. Most of the time this works well. Some days, however, needs for motorized transportation overlap.

Ok, what I really want is an old pickup. Give me a good plant surrounded by some rust, cracked upholstery, and vintage lines. Something in which I could bring home a bed of mulch or load up a nice sofa from an estate sale.

My sister and I imagine that once we secure this $500 truck, we will also scan the alleyways for trashed treasures or scrap metal. She'll drive and I'll ride shotgun, keeping an eye on the curbs and telling her where to pull over.

I would love to get creative and turn otherwise useless trash into useful treasures.


Anonymous said...

We'll need plastic door hanging cup holders for our latte's-- home made of course! ( the coffee ) aw , we could probably construct our own cup holders out of coat hangers too!

Laura McGowan said...

coffee holders out of coat hangers. I love it. We can sell them too!