Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Van Morrison

Anyone who know me understands that I am a huge Van Morrison fan. He possesses and exudes enormous talent.

For the last several years, fans were able to enjoy rare footage of his performances on YouTube. And then, all these were removed. I understand where he is coming from. I know that early in his career he was sucked dry by record industry execs. They exploited his talent and reaped profits while raping him. I can understand his anger and his refusal to let these awesome performances be seen for free on YouTube.

But consider: where can we see them and pay for them? Nowhere.

When people view this awesome footage, won't they be motivated to purchase music? Yes!

Today I found a Russian site that is still broadcasting them.


Enjoy while you can. Van, and Web Sheriff: these are awesome performances. All we want to do is enjoy them. Find a way where we can pay you to do so and we will. Withholding them, however, is just not right.


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