Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lies, lies, and more lies

Numerous Republican senators yesterday news conferenced about their desire to propose a balanced budget amendment. Well that could be a fine proposal, I don't know. I was most irritated, however, by their rationale. They claim that the budget deficit has skyrocketed under Obama. He has gone on an unprecedented "spending spree."

Lies, lies, and more lies!!

Bush rang up this deficit by waging unnecessary wars and starting new federal agencies in the wake of 9/11.

Bush, with the complicity of Republican senators, deregulated the financial industries.

He and the Repubs are clearly responsible for this crisis.

Yes, the deficit increased under Obama. First, he had to bail out industries whose failures would have doomed our economy. He had to create a stimulus bill to save numerous jobs (of teachers and firefighters). He made sure this spending was put on the books.

Bush, however, didn't put the Iraq and Afghanistan spending on the books. So, when Obama, did, yes, the deficit increased.

Obama has not gone on a spending spree. He has saved our nation from a fiscal crisis caused by the irresponsibility of the Republicans and the administration of George W. Bush.

Everyone agreed that taxes shouldn't be increased on the middle class during this economic crisis, but the right cried foul and insisted that millionaires should also get more tax breaks.

Cha Ching. The deficit increased by billions.

When elected officials pursue such irresponsible lies they should be held accountable. They should be prosecuted for such deception.

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