Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Frogs in the cement pond

We've all been kept awake the last few night (dogs barking their hearts out) by croaking frogs.

This seemed weird to us because we don't have a nearby stream or pond.

However, because of the strange, cool spring weather we've had our cement pond (pool) has had standing water for a few weeks.

Seems some tree frogs (at least four of them) hopped to the pond and have been calling out for mates.

We moved the frogs back to the tree grove, pumped out the water, and will try to get it ready for the season (read heavy chlorination, no chance for frogs or other creatures to survive) as soon as possible.

We also snapped a photo of one of these cute little frogs.


Lauren said...

I have a pond in my backyard, so we have these little guys everywhere!

love your blog!

Anonymous said...

How adorable! I love froggies!

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Oh i god !! this is the first time watching froggies in a closed manner...webhosting

Sphinsa said...

Had my own frog Buddy, he was a good frog. I wrot about him in my blog. (Two posts) http://aquaponicsinaction.blogspot.com/

K.M. Stockton said...

Silly frogs!

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