Sunday, April 08, 2012

Plant Strong

Years ago, I read an article written by a doctor who believed that we needed to abandon all meat in our diet. I remember him saying that "even low-fat turkey had way too much fat for the human body to deal with."

Unfortunately I ignored him.

Since then, a friend has died of clogged arteries and another has been hospitalized and had a stent implanted because of them.

Eating a plant-based diet can be hard in this culture. No meat, no dairy, and no oil. Eliminating meat is the easy part. No kidding. Cheese, not so easy. But do you know you can make fake cheese out of cashews, garlic, miso, nutritional yeast, etc.?

Soy milk is a wonderful substitute for dairy in soups, breads, and on cereal.

Vanilla almond milk, which has some sugar, is like a milkshake.

Our friend who had the stent turned us on to this diet, sorta by accident. He visited for a weekend and I was challenged to cook for him. After reading every label in the store to find food I could serve him, the challenge turned into a mission.

Now, several other friends and family members, after hearing me talk at length about its benefits, have adopted a plant-strong diet.

Keep it up. Grow a garden. Do the best you can every day.


Anonymous said...

...and so glad you did. Thanks for all you do and for influencing me to change my diet!! I am so much better in so many ways because of you!

Laura McGowan said...

That's too sweet

Nothy Lane said...

Have you read Live to Eat by Dr Joel Furhman? He says the same thing. I read his book in two days and while I haven't adopted everything he says, I did adopt some and I feel a lot better. Google him, he has a website.

Laura McGowan said...

I have his book but haven't finished it yet. My husband has and recommends it.